What's Bimasakti?

Initiated from our desire to make the nation proud, this team was formed in 2010. The name of the "Bimasakti" itself is taken from the name of a traditional Javanese puppet figure named "Bima", who is brave, tough, and honest in character. BIMASAKTI FSAE UGM is the first Indonesian student formula team from Universitas Gadjah Mada, will be primarily representing the nation for Japan Student Formula SAE Competition.

The Generation

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Formula SAE Japan (FSAEJ) is an opportunity for a students to develop skills for object creation “Monozukuri”, which in turn contributes to expansion of the Japanese automotive industry. Cultivate various skills involved with object creation, and as training for those who will one day play critical roles in the future of the automotive industry.

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Jurusan Teknik Mesin dan Industri Jalan Grafika No.2 Kampus UGM, Yogyakarta, D. I. Yogyakarta 55281, ID

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Facebook: Bimasakti Pertamax Turbo Racing Team UGM
Twitter: @Bimasakti_UGM
Linkedin: Bimasakti FSAE UGM
Instagram: @Bimasaktiugm